FC Barcelona: Xavi: “Here it’s not just worth winning; you have to convince” | Sports

“Barça is the most difficult club in the world, without a doubt. Here it is not only worth winning; you have to convince”. Xavi continues to have to explain how Barça beat Madrid in the first leg of the Cup semifinals and this is how the Barça coach responded when asked if he did not feel that he had to forgive himself for having won by 0 -1 at the Bernabéu. “I prefer to be proactive,” he continued. “We are never reactive, and if it ever happens it is because the rival puts us there, as happened in Madrid.” The “how”, an expression used by the Barça coach, presides over the news about the Barcelona game.

“I see that there has been a stir,” Xavi continued. “You beat Madrid 0-1 and it’s not convincing, and if it’s the other way around it’s a national holiday. I already said it last year and they gave me hosts, ”he insisted. “Our objective is to win and convince, but the opponent is the champion of the League and the Champions League, and if he pushes you it is difficult to play as you want. Talking about possession when they play you hand in hand is absurd. It was Madrid that put us in the low block, and getting out of their pressure required more patience, improving circulation, finding the passing lane, dominating the ball more”, Xavi stressed.

In the opinion of the Barca coach “there is a very clear idea of ​​the game and when it doesn’t come out you are not so happy”. “I ended up more satisfied on the day of the Super Cup than on the day of the Cup because I like to win being the protagonist and dominator,” said Xavi, who will not be able to sit on the bench due to suspension in the game this Sunday against Valencia at the Camp Nou ( 16.15). Nor will Pedri, Dembélé, Lewandowski and Gavi be able to line up. “It is a final. We cannot lose points or make mistakes after the defeat in Almería, ”he specified. “And if we win, in addition, we would put more pressure on Madrid”, who later plays in the Betis field.

“It’s going to be very difficult because Valencia is risking their lives,” he announced. “With Baraja as coach they defend well, they have gained defensive order and aggressiveness, they are intense and fast in transitions. We hope to be neater in attack. When they defend you far back, you have to risk more, have more talent”, Xavi concluded after admitting that they had not worked on the defense that worked so well against Madrid, “We didn’t have time to train. The most significant thing we practice is the position game. We want to have the ball; Since I have been a coach, we have not had dominance in only one or two games. For a party to make the analysis that has been done is exaggerated ”.

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