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Baskonia bucket

Baskonia bucket
AS Monaco

AS Monaco

Baskonia lost to Monaco because they lacked temperance in the last minutes against a powerful rival, who was more serene in the decisive moments after a very even match that was a roller coaster, with continuous fluctuations on the scoreboard. The figures indicated by the light at the end of the game (93-102), only reflect the final desperation of the Baskonistas in search of turning the result around, which with 48 seconds remaining indicated a three-point visitor advantage and the possibility of that it was reduced to two, although Thompson, impeccable in other facets, was wrong with his free throws and missed that one, which was decisive.

After an effervescent start, Baskonia got tangled up in the second quarter. He started very well, with skill in shooting to the basket, chaining triples and running a lot towards the Monaco basket, but the point is that the Monegasque team did the same, and if the people from Vitoria hit from afar, their rivals were very strong scoring from close, planting his feet under the basket and patting everything that didn’t go in the first time. With Moneke made a colossus, the dynamism of Thompson, who chained assists, and Marinkovic’s aim were not enough to stretch the score for the Barça side.

In addition, Peñarroya had a problem with Howard, with an anxiety that surpassed him. The Baskonia point guard had scoring problems and that generated a state of frustration that resulted in unnecessary fouls. The coach from Vitoria was not cut this time. He sent Markus into the thinking corner. When he returned he was more serene.

The second quarter choked Baskonia, because Monaco faced it with a different mentality. He came out more firmly in defense, rolled up his sleeves on rebounds and also ran as Baskonia had done in the first ten minutes. He managed to turn the score around and leave with a five-point lead at halftime (47-52). Between Moneke and Hall they dried up the progression from Vitoria.

Baskonia started running again at the start of the second half, with Thompson as a beacon to look at. With a 12-0 run, thanks to the inspiration of the point guard, Peñarroya’s team turned the color back to their cheeks. By then Howard had returned to the field more serene and his wrist was working again. A three-pointer from him put Baskonia ahead, which remained ahead until the last seconds of the fourth, when Monaco once again hit the growth spurt. Each mistake made by either team was penalized, because both saw the opposite basket.

The last quarter was played in each action. In Monaco, without James, the others worked. Hall and Moneke in particular, but Baskonia’s inspiration failed him when he needed it most. The team from Vitoria won 91-87 with a triple by Howard with 2.45 to go, and could only score one more basket until the end of the game. The 3-17 run says it all. Baskonia will have to keep rowing to get into the top eight.

Baskonia: Thompson (20), Kotsar (11), Giedraitis (9), Marinkovic (14), Hommes (0) –starting team–, Howard (20), Heidegger (4), Raieste (0), Sedekerskis (0), Díez (3), Enoch (5), Costello (0).

Monaco: Brown (5), Okobo (18), Loyd (19), Motiejunas (8), Ouattara (2) –starting team– Moneke (14), Blossomgame (2), Diallo (17), Strazel (2), Hall ( fifteen).

Partial: 28-23, 19-29, 26-22, 20-28.

Referees: Lottermoser, Belosevic, and Petek. Eliminated Men.

Fernando Buesa Arena of Vitoria.

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