Espanyol contests the match against Atlético de Madrid | Sports

Espanyol confirmed this Thursday that they are going to challenge their recent match against Atlético de Madrid on matchday 36 of the League and that they will request “that they proceed to agree on its annulment”, due to the fact that the VAR images in the 0-2 scored by Antoine Griezmann they did not clarify if the ball had completely crossed the goal line. “Espanyol considers their rights violated, feeling seriously harmed, for which reason we will proceed, consequently, to challenge the match played yesterday and request, therefore, that they proceed to agree on its annulment,” the group indicated. parakeet in a press release.

“In defense of its legitimate interests”, Espanyol “studies possible additional legal actions for the possible patrimonial damage derived from this action”. “It is extremely important to mention that we do not intend to denounce the existence of a human arbitration error, inherent to the very nature of sport,” the text continued. “What Espanyol denounces before the RFEF Competition Committee is the existence of gross negligence on the part of the refereeing group designated for the aforementioned match and, specifically, by the VAR referees designated by the RFEF,” he reiterated. the note.

In its statement, the entity parakeet He added that said arbitration action “in turn stems from a manifest and flagrant material error, generating irreparable damage to Espanyol, both sporting and potentially economic.” Espanyol took this new step, regarding Griezmann’s controversial shot, after having formally requested the Technical Committee of Referees (CTA) the image or sequence that would endorse the award of the second goal of the Madrid team, at the request of the VAR to correct the decision made by the match referee. “Let’s remember that, as the regulation itself establishes, to change an arbitration decision from Las Rozas there must be a conclusive and unappealable image for it,” the note continued.

In addition, he specified the response given to the blue and white club by Carlos Clos Gómez, responsible for VAR within the league competition. Thus, Gómez had indicated that “based on the current regulations, it is not possible for them to provide us with images or conversations regarding the decisions adopted in the VOR room, confirming, however, that the image used to annul the referee’s decision and validate Atlético’s second goal was the one shown in the television production, the one coming from the one known as spider cam”. Based on all this, Espanyol stated that “the only image used to award the goal offers a perspective from which it is impossible to determine whether or not the ball has fully entered”.

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