Dmitrovic, after being attacked on the pitch: “He came and pushed me from behind” | Sports

The PSV-Sevilla, settled with the classification of the Andalusian team for the round of 16 of the League by an aggregate of 3-2, was marred by an incident in the stoppage time of the match. A Dutch fan jumped onto the pitch and pushed Dmitrovic, the Sevilla goalkeeper, who then reduced him. The action, very serious, could lead to a harsh punishment from UEFA for the Dutch team. The match official, Daniele Orsato, stopped the game for five minutes. The Sevilla goalkeeper himself, calmer, explained what happened at the end of the clash to the official Sevilla media. “He came and pushed me from behind. Surely he was angry at the result and a little crazy already. He tried to hit me and I managed to grab him and wait for security to arrive. It’s never nice to see this in football, it shouldn’t happen and from now on I hope these things are well punished”, clarified the goalkeeper of the Andalusian team.

Later, with the Spanish media displaced to the Netherlands, the Serb was even more forceful: “I’m going to shut up for not saying what I really wanted to do to him. Thankfully, I’m glad I was aware of where he was and narrowed him down,” he stated. “If someone attacks me, I will defend myself,” he added. And he ended with a statement: “PSV is a great club and they will punish you for sure”.

The attack was the culmination of a rather hectic end to the game, with the stadium in full swing due to PSV’s attempted comeback against Sevilla that had a 3-0 lead. The Sevilla coach, Jorge Sampaoli, also referred to the incident: “I don’t understand why the referee didn’t take another measure in the face of this type of aggression. If that is accepted, anything can happen from here on out”, the coach complained after the action suffered by his goalkeeper. Dmitrovic suffered a scratch as a result of the fan’s aggression. During all the action in which the Dutch fan was involved, the television production did not show anything of what happened in the Sevilla area in accordance with the protocol that avoids giving publicity to spontaneous people who jump onto the green in the middle of a game.

Dimitrovic started the game against PSV due to the indisposition suffered by his teammate Bono, who was originally going to start against the Dutch team and could not even get dressed for work due to a stomach virus.

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