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How to show off watching City. City advances with such a numerous sequence of passes and reaches the box with so many people that they end up denying themselves space. Finally, in the area there is usually a tumult that entangles everything, as if the game was played in the middle of a sandstorm. But if in the midst of that chaos someone yells a goal, you, without waiting for the repetition, say without any doubt: “It was Haaland’s.” In other times that happened with Paolo Rossi or Raúl, cunning guys who were guided by instinct and physique helped to get into any crack. But Haaland is a bigger enigma because with 1.94 and his reputation as a predator there is no way to go unnoticed. With the focused ambition of a hungry man and the obsession of a hammer, he finds the goal time after time. Following my advice, against Leipzig you would have hit five times. As if he understood football.

Soccer and table football. The futbolin, foosball in many South American countries, it was born to evoke soccer. A structure that recalls a stadium, a metallic green field, its goalkeeper, its defenses, midfielders and forwards. And even the card that must be entered so that we do not forget the business side of his older brother. Even today, when I see a foosball table, I want to grab the handle. What I would never have imagined is that watching a football match would make me nostalgic for table football. It is not for less. Inside the area, the players are already looking for their mark with their hands behind them. And the regulation has occurred to him that jumping “naturally” is doing it at attention. Those who do not want to take risks have to stick their arms to their bodies, like foosball players. If we add this ridiculousness to the mechanization of football, all that remains is to put in a token.

Madrid is always local. Madrid is already in the Champions League quarterfinals without the need to use the miracle wild card. He did it by eliminating Liverpool by a difference of four goals in two cordial games where, out of historical respect, the two teams seemed to say to each other: “You go first”, “by no means, you go” and so on until the end of the game. You’ll never walk alone that sounded at the Bernabéu at full throttle. Although the Eintracht fans break the center of Naples, football also knows how to have good feelings. Above all, the one who wins. Now the quarterfinals arrive and the draw wanted to recreate one of the most attractive stories in football: the myth of the return. Chelsea returns and, perhaps, City with their respective Guardiola in the semis. With a substantial difference: the second game will be away. More challenge, more emotion, more literature. More football at the limit of the nervous system. How we like it

An incredible match. If we stick to Joan Laporta’s speech, since the emergence of the Negreira case we know that Tebas wants to control Barça, that the media wants to tarnish the team’s good moment and, in a in crescendo unstoppable, that those of us who think badly are scoundrels. Meanwhile, the institutional explanation is waiting because “it is being investigated.” But Laporta, before doing an investigation, should remember and tell us in exchange for what he multiplied Negreira’s contract by four. With how passionate he looks, surely he would know how to communicate it. But if he has been thinking about it for a month, it is legitimate to suspect that it must not be easy to find worthy arguments. Meanwhile, the scandal continues to cause a terrible consequence: the fans lost the innocence that made them pay a ticket to see a fair match. Now there is a classic: and what if we no longer believe it?

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