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A well distributed party

Mbappé and Messi have more talent than anyone, but not more than the sum of talents in the Bayern squad. On the other hand, as we saw in the final of the last World Cup, a huge player on an inspired day can destroy a plan with three plays. But we also know that an organized team does not need inspiration, it is enough to wait for the game to fall under its own weight. In Munich the game was well distributed during the first half: similar time of possession and number of chances. In the heads of the fans, the games are also played with the imagination and mine said that at any moment Leo and Kylian would meet and everything would blow up. With that hope, I waited for the second half, where logic helped the imagination: PSG couldn’t reach a draw and I would have to play everything or nothing every exciting minute.

Life and death

But neither imagination nor logic. PSG came out to play the second half as if it were any other game and if Bayern knows anything it is to exploit weaknesses. The lesson that PSG should have already learned is the following: if you don’t know how to play for life or death, forget about the Champions League. Bayern’s goal came and another game began. Bayern caged Messi and Mbappé, alone, helpless and melancholic, began to think if it had been a good idea to renew for PSG. If you keep asking him at this time, you’ll have to worry about his mental health. Because PSG, without a history and without a competitive context, is not in a position to support him. Talent is a gift that requires demand, a place, trust, other talents… In short, it needs an area where money is not the most important thing.

What will be will be…?

By contrast, Bayern is a good place. For years he took care of his goal with Neuer, one of the best goalkeepers in the world; and threatened the opposite goal with Lewandowski, one of the best forwards in the world. Now neither of them are here, but it’s still a great team because they have plenty of squads to occupy the entire field and not just the areas. And because it has plenty of tradition, demand and stability. It is very easy to find the difference: at Bayern you breathe football; at PSG, no. It is precisely in moments of crisis where the differences become more evident. Bayern have a culture to embrace from where they can support the recovery. PSG will live in a permanent conflict between now and the end of the season. What will become of Messi? What will become of Mbappé? What will become of Galtier? We only know that next season we will have to start all over again…


It must be recognized that football is a walking uncertainty even for those who have a history to brag about. Twenty days ago Liverpool was a rag doll against Madrid and since then they have demanded respect with memorable performances. A 7-0 against Manchester United is. Madrid, on the other hand, has not found the goal since then. As if by magic, what seemed like a closed case, in three weeks has been opened. How can you not like this game? This week I came across someone who could have been a fan of any team, even Madrid, and he felt entitled to tell me: “Let’s see if Madrid gets up to speed.” They made me want to answer him that Madrid has been smart for 120 years. But Liverpool too. One of the two will lose, but it will not be for lack of consistency or history.

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