Alleged fraud in Cadena Cope: a journalist deceived his colleagues with a false treatment for a brain tumor | Communication and Media

The Sports section of the Cope is in a state of shock after it was discovered that a colleague, Guillermo Valadés, could have deceived everyone with a false medical treatment. As he has advanced The confidential, the journalist informed his editorial colleagues six months ago that they had detected a brain tumor with metastases in his back and that his chances of survival were through experimental treatment at the Clínica de Navarra. The journalist ended up receiving hundreds of thousands of euros with the help of his colleagues, but he would never have been treated in such a clinic.

Upon hearing the news, the heavyweights of Deportes de Cope They decided to pay for Valadés’s treatment, of about 10,000 euros a week, and the news that was arriving since his discharge was optimistic. The supposed treatment was working well, but even more expensive drugs had to be added. The bill then rose to 16,000 euros a week, which his colleagues paid without hesitation with funds from the program Game time. The journalist himself shared messages of hope and photos with Paco González or Pepe Domingo Castaño on his networks, with whom he had been a close friend since his time at Cadena SER. On December 22, Valadés published the following on Twitter: “I have already won the lottery, because I can continuing to enjoy life is the best lottery”.

The money used to pay for the treatment comes from bonuses for objectives that the Sports team has. It is the journalists themselves who decide what they are assigned to, and in this case they decided to help their colleague. Sources close to the station deny that the money comes from advertising, something that some previous information pointed out. They ensure that the Cadena Cope has not requested invoices for the operation, but rather it has been a private agreement between journalists.

the story of The confidential, Also confirmed by this newspaper, he says that the Sports team of cope discovered that no one by the name of Guillemo Valadés was listed as a patient at the Clínica de Navarra. A few days ago, Paco González, director of Game time, he tried to contact his colleague, but he stopped answering the phone. When Valadés finally responded, there was a crossroads of threats. And last weekend, in the last program, Pepe Domingo Castaño ignored the name of the alleged fraudster in the presentation of the space.

The alleged betrayal has caused indignation and sadness in equal parts in the ecclesiastical chain, where they are still trying to assimilate what happened. Guillermo Valadés, known in the team as willy, He was one of the nearly 50 journalists who left Cadena SER to go to Cope with Paco González in 2010, also improving his economic conditions.

During the last 13 years, he has been in charge of the web, production and technical issues of the Game time. Those who were his companions, devastated, say that “it is a very big stick” and point out that they have always been like a family: “When one of ours has a problem, we respond.”

The workers of Cadena Cope have not expressed more opinions on the subject and from the station They warn that it is a personal matter among their workers. At the moment, they have not made any type of public statement nor are they going to take any type of disciplinary measure in this regard.

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