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The classic arrives inflamed at the Camp Nou (9:00 p.m., Movistar). Although the versions vary each edition depending on the moment of form of each team and the institutional situation of the clubs, Barça-Madrid remains in force as a show of maximum interest, a symbol of the rivalry, today concentrated in the Barcelona stadium. The match is announced to be as interesting as it is tense because it will decide in some way the duration of the League and also because the historical dispute that both maintain has been fueled by an arbitration controversy that has reached a peak moment with the Negreira case. The classic is played today in the box, on the field, on the net, on television, it permeates everything, even the Barça shirt, which will display the logo of the album motomami of Rosalía after the protagonist at the Bernabéu was Drake by virtue of the Barcelona agreement with Spotify.

The blaugrana people aspires to celebrate an act of affirmation that involves winning the game, and the team set a determined course towards the title, and also for supporting the club in a moment of extreme weakness after the last four presidents paid up to 7.3 million euros Vice President of the Arbitration Technical Committee. The cause has mobilized Spanish and European football —the League, the Federation, UEFA, the CSD, the clubs and, of course, Madrid, which has appeared as a private prosecution—, the best way to respond to social pressure and to be aware of the dealings with Negreira. The decision has been poorly received at the Camp Nou – “now they are all here”, replied Barça – after the two entities lead the Super League project in opposition to the League chaired by Javier Tebas. “We will not only defend ourselves, we will attack”, replied Joan Laporta, who offers himself as a defender and forward, Barça’s only guarantee.

Laporta’s relations with Florentino Pérez, the president of Madrid, have usually been fluid, especially during the electoral period, since they met in 2003. Despite the fact that he had already closed the signing of David Beckham, the Madrid president did not deny the candidate azulgrana when he announced an agreement for the player with Manchester United. Florentino also congratulated Lluís Carrasco for the banner — “You want to see you again” — hung at the Bernabéu in the 2021 Barca elections won by Laporta. And the Barça president ruled out the agreement with CVC that the League proposed and could ensure the continuity of Leo Messi to activate the levers and the Espai Barça with an investment fund such as Sixth Street and JP Morgan that is no stranger to the Bernabéu. The guarantee guarantees required in clubs that are not public limited sports companies such as Madrid and Barcelona also disappeared, to the satisfaction of Barça.

13 days left

Common interests have not lowered a visible dispute since Florentino signed Luis Figo and José Mourinho. The matches that have had the greatest environmental burden at the Camp Nou were those that Madrid played with the Portuguese player (October 2000 and November 2002) and with the coach (2008-2012) who were once linked to Barça. The tension from then disappeared and the relations of the directives are cordial even though they remain apparently distant and the meals that were organized in each classic are avoided, either in Barcelona or Madrid. Although both are needed, the Barça club now depends more on Madrid.

On the other hand, the dispute in the stands or on the field has not been reduced and for today a strong environmental burden is expected at the Camp Nou. Barcelona fans have become strong at home and the communion of the fans with the team is above the game and Negreira. Despite the limitations, with Pedri and Dembélé still absent, Barça surprised Madrid in the League and in the first leg of the Cup semifinals. With 13 games to go, the blaugrana distance the madridistas by nine points despite who had three points less when they lost at the Bernabéu. The comeback has been supported by an excellent defense that has only conceded eight goals and one penalty at the Camp Nou. Barça counts the games in its fiefdom by victories, with the exception of the draws with Espanyol (1-1) and Rayo (0-0), and has gone 19 games without conceding a goal (21 with both in the Cup).

From 1-0, repeated nine times in the League — “it was also won 1-0 at Wembley 92 and nobody said anything,” Xavi defended himself; “One thing is the result and another is the style”—, the Catalans are firmer than Madrid. The white team, however, recovered their good feelings after their five goals at Anfield and Ancelotti joked again: “I’ll still put Vinicius on the right”, a way of avoiding the mark of Araujo, the central defender who has only allowed two dribbles to the Brazilian that ignites the League. Madrid improved their game and the statistics allow them to be optimistic facing a game they need to win to maintain their aspirations: they have only lost one of the last nine games at the Camp Nou and have claimed three wins and a draw in the last four starts (three in the League and one in the Cup).

“We will go offensive,” Ancelotti announced, while Xavi responded that no one will be able to destabilize them before the fourth game of the series (Madrid won the League and Barça the Super Cup and the Cup). Victory also seems inalienable for Barça: the club needs the team and the fans’ team to withstand the Negreira storm. So the whole camp will be a clam in the vital classic for the League.

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