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Liberty Media wants to squeeze the last drop of the juice that the Formula 1 World Cup spouts, bought in 2017 by the American entertainment company in an operation estimated at 7,300 million euros and that has reached unprecedented popularity quotas in its almost 75 years. years of history The multiplier effect of the Netflix series ‘Drive to Survive’ spread the fever for the championship on a planetary level, with a special impact in the United States, a market that had historically resisted the contest. A good example of the firecracker that Liberty has given can be found this weekend in Miami, home of the first of the three stops on the calendar that will be held in the country. This Friday there were still tickets available depending on which stands, but the cheapest was around 700 euros. The average price of the weekend, with accommodation included in a four-star hotel in the city, exceeds 10,000 euros, although the most exclusive experiences, with luxuries that border on extravagance, can multiply those figures by ten.

If the conquest of television is a fact, the next step in this unlimited expansion is through the cinema. Netflix’s experience serves to confirm that this is not a bullet to spare resources on, and that is precisely why the project has been raised in a big way. The protagonist of the film will be Brad Pitt, which will be directed by Joseph Kosinski, recently recognized for ‘Top Gun: Maverick’. The production will be carried out by Jerry Bruckheimer, with the collaboration and Dawn Apollo Films, the production company created by Lewis Hamilton, which is very involved in the matter and which maintains permanent contact with the parties involved. The main objective of the British is that the film is as realistic as possible, to avoid the ridicule of the most knowledgeable fans. “In this phase I am focused on making sure that the script is what it should be,” he commented.

Hamilton, this Friday, already from Miami. “We looked for Joe’s approach [Kosinski] to embed ourselves as much as possible in this discipline”, continued the Tewin runner. “Our intention is to offer a different point of view from what is seen on television,” added the seven-time world champion, who works together with Mercedes, his team, in the design of the car that Pitt will have to drive; presumably a Formula 2 or Formula 3, modified.

The duo formed by Kosinski and Bruckheimer in Tom Cruise’s latest blockbuster has helped the team develop the world’s smallest 6K definition camera, which will be anchored inside the cabin in which the protagonist of Seven and Troy will enter, among many other titles. Initially, it was rumored that the actor could even take part in a free rehearsal session for a grand prize, a possibility that has been categorically denied in the last few hours. In any case, it is expected that the filming of this blockbuster will start this very course and that it will take advantage of the display and the atmosphere of real events to recreate everything that involves racing as faithfully as possible.

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