Barcelona and Sevilla, disqualified from the Copa de la Reina for improper alignment | Sports

Barcelona and Sevilla have been disqualified from the Copa de la Reina this Tuesday for improper alignment in their round of 16 matches against Osasuna and Villarreal respectively. Geyse, a Barça player, and Nagore Calderón, from Sevilla, could not participate in those matches as they had been sent off in their last game of the previous edition, according to the RFEF Competition Committee.

The committee has considered as valid in its resolution Osasuna’s claim after the defeat against Barcelona (0-9) in the round of 16 of the Copa de la Reina, on January 10. The Navarrese team claimed the improper alignment of the player Geyse Ferreira, who received two yellow cards, “with the consequent expulsion”, in the last game she played in the competition last season. Although the Brazilian player was a member of the Madrid Football Club at that time, she was entitled to a one-match sanction that she applied to her current team. For this reason, the committee has considered “this situation as improper alignment of FC Barcelona”, giving Osasuna the victory and a pass to the next round. In addition, the Catalan club must pay a fine of 1,001 euros as a penalty.

Barcelona, ​​which ensures that it was not aware of Geyse’s suspension, is the current champion of the Cup and has won five of the last six editions. The Barça club has confirmed that it will present an appeal before the Appeals Committee against the decision to disqualify it, for which it will have a maximum of ten days.

Villarreal, in turn, also filed an appeal for possible improper alignment of Sevilla by having Nagore Calderón, who came out in the 60th minute of the game in which the Andalusians won by the minimum, when she could not play for having been sent off in the match of the last edition of the competition against UDG Tenerife.

Sevilla, unlike Barça, has announced that it abides by the resolution and will not go to the Appeals Committee. “Sevilla, which will not file an appeal in second instance, deeply regrets that an involuntary human error has led to this elimination, which deprives the Sevilla team and its fans of playing in the quarterfinals of the Cup. Monitoring compliance with the sanction was not noticed in the internal operating protocols in the team ”, affirms the Andalusian entity in a note. “The club has already strengthened the procedures to follow to prevent an error of this type from happening again, in addition to opening an internal investigation to clarify the corresponding responsibilities,” it adds.

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