Veteran Shirov’s Gem | The corner of the immortals

The Corner of the Immortals is already a place frequented by Alexéi Shírov (Riga, Latvia, 1972; Spanish since 1996), creator of numerous games of great beauty. Today’s includes a long succession of elegant maneuvers and combinations, beginning with placing the queen in the enemy’s rear and letting them lock her up. He also offers a sacrifice of quality (difference in value between a rook and a bishop) and culminates the display of creativity with a high caliber sacrifice to weave a mating net on the other flank.

It should also be underlined that Shirov signed that marvel at the age of 48. The very few players who are still close to the elite at that age tend to use a very conservative style and little given to great complications. But Shirov, who at 50 remains among the top hundred in the world, still lives up to the name of The Leonardo daVinci of chess.