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Dani Fernández launches against the opposition of Vincent Gerard.
Dani Fernández launches against the opposition of Vincent Gerard.JANEK SKARZYNSKI (AFP)

“This is a friendly,” commented the eternal Nikola Karabatic (38 years old) before the game, in which he rested. Maybe that’s why. After so many abrasive duels between the two teams and more than one drama for the Hispanic side, the one that closed the second phase of the World Cup presented itself without stress. Both were classified for the quarterfinals and could not even speculate on the rival to choose in the following season. Germany and Norway will play this Monday (20.30) for the first two places in group 3. They will be tempted to choose.

Finally, France finished first and Spain, second. The team’s offensive blackout in the final stretch, in which they spent 10 minutes in the desert, sentenced Jordi Ribera’s squad. From 19-16 in their favor at minute 38, the clash turned to the final 26-28.

Without rushing, Ribera gave the start track, and also later, to the less usual. If it is a house brand on a day-to-day basis, with more reason this time. On stage, Imanol Garciandia, Dani Fernández, Abel Serdio and Pol Valera. The first two, usual discards in the tournament, did not take long to raise their hands. Garciandia’s left-handed arm shone with three cannon shots as soon as he left and the vivacious Fernández (MVP) was fine from the far left. On the other shore, Rodrigo Corrales also left his best minutes of the championship (eight stops until the intermission and 12 in total). He needed it.

The night passed smoothly on one side and the other, without anguish. France recovered Dika Mem for the cause, who had only played the opening match, and stretched with a 6-9 that forced Ribera to intervene. The Hispanics had accumulated several losses and did not mix too much in attack beyond Garciandia’s solo start. The adjustments, yes, found a quick effect. He recovered several balls and returned to balance the contest.

He accelerated the selection around the locker room with his secondaries. Fernández, who was still on his holiday, stretched his team to 19-16 with his fifth goal without a miss, and Serdio accompanied him from six meters with three goals almost in a row. At the wheel was Álex Dujshebaev, and that was also noticeable. He set up a fantastic assist for the gallery to Serdio.

But then events turned in Krakow. France, who had gone out without tension, leaving several losses along the way, was activated, their goalkeeper Vincent Gerard appeared on the scene (16 interventions in total and 39% accuracy) and, little by little, the team’s vision darkened. night. He lost the oremus in attack and his rival, without much fanfare, first equalized and then marked the distance. From Fernández’s 24-24, of course, with 12 minutes to go, the Hispanics only scored two goals. Too much against the Gauls, even in a “friendly”. The brotherly air of the appointment, however, also included the final scuffle between Maqueda and Luka Karabatic, due to the latter’s slap in the face. In the same action, much more worrisome was Elohim Prandi’s sprained ankle. A day to get some air before the vertigo of the rooms.

Spain, 26 – France, 28

Spain: Corrals; Solé (1), Garciandia (3), Sánchez-Migallón (1), Guardiola (1), Cañellas (3) and D. Fernández (7.3p) -initial team- Pérez de Vargas (ps), Maqueda (2) , A. Fernández (-), A. Dujshebaev (2), Figueras (-), Serdio (4), Valera (), D. Dujshebaev (1) and Odriozola (1)

France:Gerard; Lenne (-), Mem (4), Remili (4), Briet (4), Grebille (3) and Fabregas (2) -initial team- Desbonnet (ps), Lagarde (-), Prandi (3), Richardson ( -), Tournat (3), Mahé (4, 3p), Luka Karabatic (-), Porte (1) and Nahi (-).

Marker every five minutes: 3-2, 4-4, 6-5, 7-9, 10-12 and 13-13 (Rest) 17-15, 19-16, 22-20, 24-24, 24-27 and 26-28 (Final)

referees: Nachevski and Nikolov. Sánchez-Migallón (2), Maqueda (2), Cañellas, Karabatic (2) and Briet were excluded for two minutes.

Tauron Arena (Krakow). 7,000 spectators.

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