Barça wins the Super Cup and continues adding titles | Sports

For the third time in four seasons, Barcelona won the Super Cup, as happens with every title that has been played in Spain in recent years, although the Copa de la Reina could be choked on them if the Competition Committee rules against them in the next few days due to the improper alignment of Geyse Ferreira in the game that beat Osasuna by crushing (0-9).

In Mérida, Geyse was also in the field. He played the final against Real Sociedad, and this time, as they say, with all of the law. And if in Pamplona, ​​with the obvious Barca superiority, his coach could have done without her without any problem, against the San Sebastian team, his help was essential.

For one band and for another, until she more than fulfilled her job, she was replaced, the Brazilian was Real’s nightmare, and from her silk and steel boots came the assists for the two goals that she added to her already long sheet of services Aitana Bonmatí, effective in the auction; relentless inside the area and outside it. Between Geyse and Aitana the women from San Sebastian had breakfast, who, however, did not give away anything.

Although Real tried to press very close to Barça’s area at first, the Catalans shook off that initial dominance and took command of a game that was never comfortable for the champions, because their rivals were not willing to suffer the humiliation of Helmántico. that 10-1 of 2020 that touched their fiber. They have progressed so much since then that they have already slipped into the Champions League, they intend to repeat shortly, and they put Barcelona in trouble in the League, in which they fell by the minimum and at the last minute. “We feel that we are getting closer every time,” says Nerea Eizagirre, the captain. That’s how it is. Barcelona had to do their best, and Real only fell against the fortress of Geyse, who held the line with the txuriurdin defenders after a quarter of an hour, entered the area and left the ball behind, knowing that Aitana does not fail in those circumstances.

Once again the two combined to widen the difference as soon as the second part began. If in the first one it was to the right, this time Geyse persisted on the left with Tejada, overcame it with a tunnel, scanned the horizon and found Aitana again, ready on the edge of the area to finish off near the post and put some numbers almost unattainable for Real, at the worst moment, although neither is good when a goal is conceded.

With Irene Paredes from Gipuzkoa in the stands, penalized after being sent off in the semifinal, Barça tried to keep Amaiur Sarriegi and Jensen away from the area, and they almost always succeeded, although there were several skirmishes in the vicinity of Sandra Paños, who he suffered a disconnection in an action in which he tried to combine, and caused the best realistic chance.

It was only a scare for Barcelona, ​​who did not allow themselves any more whims in the remainder of the game, and widened the difference, which was perhaps excessive, when the clock passed the 96th minute, on a header from Oshoala, when her teammates were already They had their minds on lifting the trophy and the people from San Sebastian on continuing to narrow the differences that still separate them.

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