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The footballer Dani Alves has entered the Brians 1 prison (Barcelona) this Friday for the alleged rape, on December 30, of a woman at the Sutton nightclub in Barcelona. The judge investigating the case has issued provisional detention without bail for the former FC Barcelona winger after hearing her statement and that of the victim. Alves has denied that he had non-consensual sexual relations with the girl, a story that does not agree with the evidence (footprints, biological remains) that have been analyzed by the Mossos and that contradicts what he had said before: that he did not know her at all . The young woman’s statement, on the contrary, has been coherent and solid, according to judicial sources.

Alves voluntarily complied with investigators’ request to fly to Barcelona from Mexico, where he plays for Club Universidad Nacional, known as the UNAM Pumas, to clarify his alleged involvement in the sexual assault. Upon arriving in Barcelona this Friday morning, the Mossos detained him and took him to the police station to take his statement. Later, he was taken to the City of Justice to appear before the judge. After 45 minutes of a statement in which “he has incurred in numerous contradictions”, both the private prosecution – exercised by the victim – and the Prosecutor’s Office have requested his entry into provisional prison. The judge has agreed after 5:00 p.m. due to the high risk of flight: Alves has the economic capacity to escape, he has no roots in Spain, he is Brazilian (a country with which Spain has no extradition agreement) and faces serious prison sentences, which They range from four to 12 years old.

The events occurred at dawn on December 30 in Sutton, an elitist nightclub in the upper part of Barcelona. The 23-year-old victim was in the VIP area with some Mexican friends and the two friends with whom she had arrived at the disco. A waiter appeared to ask them to join him because someone wanted to buy them a drink. It was Dani Alves, who was accompanied by a friend. The victim told the player that he did not know him and he replied ironically: “I am a petanque player in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat,” he said according to the woman’s complaint.

Alves took the victim’s hand and brought it closer to his penis. Afterward, he invited her into the bathroom, where the alleged sexual assault on her took place. The girl has explained that she tried to get out of it, but Alves did not allow it and penetrated her vaginally. The scene, which lasted about 15 minutes, was very violent, as there was also a moment of struggle between the two. After leaving the VIP area, the girl alerted what had happened and she was treated at the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona. Just two days later, she reported the facts to the Mossos. The medical part of injuries, also incorporated into the legal case, is one of the indications that point to a non-consensual relationship.

Dani Alves (Juazeiro, Brazil, 39 years old) had denied most of the story until now. A few days ago, he sent a video to the program And now Sonsoles, from Antena 3. “I would like to deny everything, first. I was there, in that place, with more people, enjoying myself. Everyone knows that I love to dance. Enjoying, but without invading the space of others and when you choose to go to the bathroom you don’t ask who is in the bathroom to go to the bathroom ”, she defended herself. And she added that she did not know the victim at all: “I am very sorry, but I do not know who that lady is, I do not know who she is, I have never seen her in my life. All these years I have never invaded someone’s space, except without authorization. How am I going to do it with a woman or a girl? By God, no. Enough is enough because they hurt, especially my people, mine, because they know who I am”.

Van in which Dani Alves supposedly left for prison, in Barcelona.
Van in which Dani Alves supposedly left for prison, in Barcelona.

In his statement before the judge, of about 45 minutes, Alves has acknowledged, although only partially, that a relationship took place, but has denied having sexually assaulted the girl. While she was waiting for her turn in the dungeon of the City of Justice, her defense lawyer has received the latest reports from the Mossos d’Esquadra in which various incriminating evidence is analyzed; among others, biological remains and fingerprints. There are also security images of the Sutton nightclub that, although they do not show evidence of the rape – there are no cameras in the bathroom in the VIP area – do reflect the girl’s “state of mind” before and after what happened.

Los Pumas, the Mexican team that signed Alves in July 2022, was unaware of the footballer’s situation. However, this Friday he has terminated the contract automatically. “With this decision, the club reiterates its commitment not to tolerate acts, by any member of the institution, whoever they may be, that go against the university spirit and its values,” said Leopoldo Silva, president of the Mexican team. The Brazilian had requested permission to be absent from a league game on Saturday due to the death of his mother-in-law, which is why he supposedly, and according to the version he gave the club, he was traveling to Barcelona, reports Diego Mancera.

Alves left European football in July 2022, when he closed his second cycle at Barcelona. The Brazilian decided to turn his career around when he signed as a free player with the Pumas, the representative team of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), one of the main universities in Latin America. After learning of his entry into provisional prison, the club announced that it will sanction the player.

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