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Madrid arrived in Vila-real abstracted in a dark room after the scourge with Barça in Arabia and left ready for the Cup quarterfinals after a comeback of theirs. He had no remedy for an hour, forced into the gutter by a plethoric Villarreal. But Ceballos appeared, Vinicius freed himself from Foyth and Real emerged in style. In general, historically the Super Cup and the Cup are small game at Real, but not when the setbacks are chained. The Madrid derived from Arabia emitted disturbing signals until Vinicius had faith and the entry of two secondary players like Ceballos and Asensio led him to an unexpected comeback. As so many times, the Real was not completely gone. Villarreal, who had caught on with Quique Setién, seemed to be too much for Carlo Ancelotti’s flattened team again. You don’t have to trust an injured Madrid, Setién himself already said it in the previous one.



Jorgensen, Juan Foyth (Mandi, min. 52), Pau Torres, Albiol (Jorge Cuenca, min. 45), Alberto Moreno, Álex Baena, Capoue, Parejo, Chukwueze, Yeremy Pino (Morales, min. 67) and Gerard Moreno


Real Madrid

Courtois, Nacho, Rüdiger, Ferland Mendy, Eder Militao, Camavinga, Kroos (Dani Ceballos, min. 55), Federico Valverde, Vinicius Junior, Rodrygo (Marco Asensio, min. 56) and Benzema

goals 1-0 min. 3: Hood. 2-0 min. 41: Chukwueze. 2-1 min. 57: Vinicius Junior. 2-2 min. 69: Eder Militao. 2-3 min. 85: Daniel Ceballos.

Referee Jesus Gil Manzano

Yellow cards Capoue (min. 7), Camavinga (min. 36), Federico Valverde (min. 72), Reina (min. 79), Álex Baena (min. 85), Pau Torres (min. 88), Vinicius Junior (min. 89), Rüdiger (min. 93) and Parejo (min. 94)

From the outset, another Real was presented at La Cerámica without energy, without the backbone of Kroos and Benzema, without the top hat of Vinicius, arrested wonderfully by Foyth. Those with a supposedly higher deposit, such as Camavinga and Valverde, did not gain volume either. Nobody was who they were supposed to be. As proof, once the truce arrived, the only worrying for the Jorgensen scholarship holder had been Mendy. His was the first shot at the visiting goal and his the two most relevant adventures for the Whites, one failed by Valverde and another swept by Pau after a shot by Rodrygo.

Ceballos scores the third goal for Real Madrid.
Ceballos scores the third goal for Real Madrid.Jose Breton (AP)

Villarreal handled themselves. It is a deceptive team, because it is handled in two speeds. The first march is from Parejo, a yellow observatory when it comes to catalyzing football. Parejo gives the time and from his TIC Tac, Setién’s painting has a wick. He attacks at full throttle, with people with pistons in their legs, like Chukwueze and Yeremy. With an angular player like Gerard Moreno, much more than an anchor striker. The three points, which Capoue escorts with bite, constantly shake the vanguard with their exchanges. His thing is to track the spaces. An ordeal for the stiff initial Madrid.

So loose was Real that before five minutes, a rival throw-in was fatal for the visitors. Gerard Moreno was more agile than Rüdiger and, after his touch into the area, Capoue, who covered more than one field, burst the ball into Courtois’s net. Madrid, in flip flops with the match already underway. And so for almost an hour.

In Vila-real there was no other party than the one that Parejo fancied, the torch of the yellow team. There was no Madrid midfielder to act as a switch. A Madrid without rope with the ball, sosaina, despite Vinicius’ guerrilla with Foyth. The Argentine embittered the Brazilian as much as in the recent league fight. Yeremy was within a span of 2-0 after a play by the overflowing Capoue. It was even tempered and all those above itched. Among them, Chukwueze fast and sharp winger who does not disdain the area. Yeremy and Gerard set up a round table on the periphery of Courtois closed with an assist with a tailcoat from the second to the Nigerian, who beat the Belgian. There was one blink left for the break. Then nothing would be the same.

An event marked the match. Foyth’s injury was a major breakthrough for Villarreal. Mandi, I take over from him, it wasn’t Foyth and Vinicius guessed it the first time. He stretched to Madrid. He reminded his opponents that despite the fade until then, Madrid is Madrid. While Vinicius woke up, Ancelotti hit the right key with Ceballos and Asensio. The first brought order, the second had the spiciness that Rodrygo lacked, scolded by his coach after the change and his bad fleas.

It was precisely Ceballos who cited Vinicius with the 2-1. Mandi did not have the glue of Foyth and with the Brazilian’s goal Villarreal collapsed, already knowing that the one in front was Madrid, even though Modric and Kroos were not there, even though it had been a team without teeth until then . And it was Ceballos who crossed for Benzema’s header, Jorgensen’s deflection and Militão’s final bingo. And it was Ceballos, after a plug between Vinicius and Asensio, who sealed the final fireworks with the 2-3. Another Madrid. Another Camavinga, another Benzema… Also another Parejo, another Capoue, another Gerard… A white swerve to shake off what could have been a crisis with lightning and thunder, which means that Madrid falls three times in a row. Madrid remembered Madrid on time, and on time it cleared for Vinicius and Ceballos showed up.

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