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Baskonia bucket

Baskonia bucket


Barcelona attacked the Buesa based on rebounds. He added 40, compared to 22 for Baskonia. 18 of them, in attack, which allowed the Barça team some second chances that turned into quite a few points. The people from Vitoria, despite their effort, fell short.

The start of the game was spectacular. Barcelona’s first five shots were triples, all scored, but Baskonia did not wrinkle. Mirotic started, Kalinic followed, then Tobey, Kalinic again and finally Laprovittola to put his team 9-15, but Gedraitis’ momentum pushed the team from Vitoria to, later, with a triple by Marinkovic, put his team ahead (23-21).

Apart from the scoring maelstrom, the news was the forced return of Howard, somewhat premature, but forced by the absence of Henry and the fouls of Thompson. He was not cool, he missed his first six shots from three, but he gave dynamism to his team, which made Barcelona run. The first quarter ended with almost paranormal numbers (28-28).

The matter calmed down in the second set. Barcelona stopped Baskonia, dominated under the basket in offensive and defensive rebounding, and little by little distanced itself on the scoreboard until reaching a difference of ten points, although the home team made an effort to prevent the numbers from becoming impossible to come back and managed to go to the locker room with seven points behind, but still alive in the game.

The home team came back in better position and defended fiercely while Barça took a breather, although in the final moments, again with Giedraitis as the protagonist, it seemed like a nap, so long that Baskonia came within just one point.

But Jasikevicius’s slogans had an immediate effect on his players. Barça once again prevailed on the rebound, and almost doubled Baskonia in that regard. Mirotic, Jokubaitis and Da Silva began to dominate the match, and again the advantage shot up until the end.

At the Fuente de San Luis, Mumbrú’s Valencia progressed to beat Partizan (89-81), after beating their rival for forty minutes. Only in the last quarter did Obradovic’s team react, but the Valencians knew how to keep their spirits up to breathe in the final moments.

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