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Ángel Fernández hugs Gonzalo Pérez de Vargas at the end of the match against Poland.
Ángel Fernández hugs Gonzalo Pérez de Vargas at the end of the match against Poland.TOMASZ MARKOWSKI (REUTERS)

With Gonzalo Pérez de Vargas under the sticks, Spain will never lose hope of a great championship. The selection was not bad, but something was missing, a plus, a stretch to finish subduing a Poland that clung to the track with the arguments counted. And that something was given to him by the Toledo player as soon as he appeared on the court to definitively dispatch the hostess of his World.

Rodrigo Corrales had barely collected three saves in the first half (17% accuracy), so Jordi Ribera intervened immediately after half-time. Corrales was relieved by his lifelong friend, his old roommate in Barcelona, ​​and the effect was automatic. The Barça goal scored seven interventions and a great 47% success rate, decisive throughout the second half to tie a much-needed victory before the border duel this Friday (3:30 p.m., Teledeporte) against Slovenia, which they lead by two points in the fight to reach the rooms. France will arrive on Sunday.

Polonia had a deck named Szymon Sicko, a 2.01 stem, Kielce teammate of the Dujshebaev brothers, who rose like a giant from the left side. Unstoppable at the start of the match. Five goals from abroad in 20 minutes. Final. The host did not exhibit much more catalogue, but he made good use of it. And this time Spain was not far behind from outside. He does not usually have much of a threat in that department, however, in that dawn he put everything on the table. Dani Dujshebaev, Joan Cañellas and even the rookie Pol Valera hit as soon as he stepped on the court.

The national team’s repertoire was superior to the Polish one. More variety in your game. What was already known, on the other hand. Under the orders of Álex Dujshebaev, he also found Figueras in the pivot, Ángel Fernández on the left-handed end and was still able to catch some counters. He lacked, on the other hand, one more point in defense and under sticks. That would have given him more control on the scoreboard. That which then came. Even so, they stretched to 15-11 with a 4-0 run on 25 minutes when they were able to catch two counter-attacks, though the hosts fired back early to make it 16-15 at halftime. An estimable Spain, with areas of improvement behind, and a Poland with another face compared to its poor wandering in the first phase, where it even suffered to defeat Saudi Arabia. Nor did he have another: it was win or die.

The recipe was clear: Pérez de Vargas, who did not delay in the task. He took the first pitch from the wing to Moryto, a great local threat. And instantly Czuwara clouded over a penalty against the Toledo. Four stops on the six shots he took at the start. The scenario was different. Spain, yes, it took more than five minutes to debut in attack, and could only do so with a seven meters converted by Odriozola. Symptom, actually, of everyone’s difficulties in converting. Although the letter from the Hispanics with Pérez de Vargas was worth double. The lever for the team to stretch again with a difference of five (23-18) with two goals in a row from Figueras.

Poland insisted, however, that they still gave themselves the last chance by going up 24-22 with six minutes to go despite the obvious collapse of Sicko (only two goals in the second act). But there he found a Spain better equipped in defense, and the shot on the other coast of Casado and Ferrán Solé, before Pérez de Vargas left the last photo of him, a penalty saved to Moryto. His chest do made the difference.

Spain, 27 – Poland, 23

Spain: Corrals; Odriozola (3, 2p), Alex Dujshebaev (4), Casado (1), Dani Dujshebaev (2), Ángel Fernández (4) and Figueras (4) —starting team—, Pérez de Vargas (ps), Peciña (-) , Maqueda (-), Solé (2), Garciandia (-), Cañellas (3), Guardiola (2), Valera (2) and Sánchez-Migallón (-).

Poland: Morawski; Moryto (5, 4p), Olejniczak (2), Maciej Gebala (-), Tomasz Gebala (-), Krajewski (-) and Daszek (-) —initial team—, Kornecki (ps), Jedraszczyk (4), Komarzewski ( -), Walczak (-), Bis (2), Sicko (7), Pietrasik (-), Czuwara (3) and Dzialakiewick (-).

Marker every five minutes: 4-3, 7-6, 8-8, 10-9, 14-11 and 16-15 (rest), 16-16, 19-17, 21-18, 23-20, 25-22 and 27- 2. 3.

referees: Hansen and Madsen (Din). Walczak (m. 51) was sent off with a direct red card. Gideon Guardiola and Peciña (2), Gebala and Walczak were excluded by two minutes.

Tauron Arena in Krakow. About 7,000 spectators.


Spain, 6 points

France, 6

Slovenia, 4

Montenegro, 2

Poland, 0

Arabian, 0

Two go to quarters

Other group results

Iran, 21 – Slovenia, 38

France, 35 – Montenegro, 24

Next day (Friday)

Slovenia-Spain (15.30, Tdp)

Iran-France (18.00)

Montenegro-Poland (20.30)

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