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A goal from Robert Navarro at the start was enough to seal a passport that allows Real Sociedad to access the quarterfinals. Mallorca, who left clueless, is left out for five minutes of astonishment. It is not that Javier Aguirre, due to his seniority, and because he has seen everything in his career as a player and as a coach, is a person prone to be scared by what happens on a pitch, but his heart must have turned over when only four minutes had passed and Real Sociedad had already created four scoring chances, two of them quite clear. And if he was not scared, it was a considerable anger at the soft defense of his team, a meringue dyed red.

A. Society


Remiro, Gorosabel (Elustondo, min. 60), Jon Pacheco, Aihen Muñoz, Le Normand, Martín Zubimendi, Merino (Pablo Marín, min. 45), Robert Navarro (Take Kubo, min. 69), Brais (Illarramendi, min. 60), Sörloth (Carlos Fernández, min. 60) and Oyarzabal



Dominik Greif, Josep Gaya (Pablo Maffeo, min. 78), Valjent, Copete, Battaglia, Giovanni González, Braian Cufré (Grenier, min. 57), Antonio Sánchez (Dani, min. 74), Lee Kang-In, Tinotenda Kadewere (Abdón Prats, min. 57) and Ángel (Amath, min. 74)

goals 1-0 min. 5: Robert Navarro.

Referee Alejandro Jose Hernandez Hernandez

Yellow cards Brais (min. 25), Braian Cufré (min. 41), Giovanni González (min. 52), Jon Pacheco (min. 53), Le Normand (min. 77) and Copete (min. 90)

When Real scored at five, Vasco couldn’t have been too surprised, because you can see those things coming, and even more so when the rivals are not legs. Incorrigible the Majorcan defenders, stumbling over and over again on the same stone, opened the corridor for the ball that Zubimendi put to Robert Navarro, relentless as a tax inspector against Dominik Greif. Merino and Brais had not yet touched the ball, but it was not necessary that the high-ranking officials had not yet arrived at the flag room so that the others were marching towards the opposite goal.

A trifle of time elapsed and the Real was already ahead, and not as happens many times, due to a fortuitous accident, due to an unexpected action, none of that. Simply, what happens in football when one team comes out of the locker room and the other is still getting off the warm bus.

In the midst of the storm, La Real was on track for the quarterfinals, and was still able to head down the highway if Oyarzabal managed to hit a cross shot, shortly after, when the Majorcans continued with a confused face and Ángel, the striker who set up At the start, Aguirre watched his teammates through binoculars, like someone looking at the island of Santa Clara from the railing of La Concha.

With the score in favor, a very recognizable Real calmed down, which was enough to play orderly to settle any insurgent attempt by Mallorca, which was not very vindictive either, which was confirmed from the start, with an alignment that was quite a declaration of intent, that in the vermilion cabals, what matters is to save the league ballot as soon as possible, and if any flute sounds in the Cup, all the better.

But it is difficult to put on a wind concert for the Real in Anoeta, especially based on improvisation. Another thing is to have a plan, and Mallorca only took the treasure map out of their pocket at the beginning of the second part, after having let the first languish, but between looking from one side to the other, they are given the return; North here, West there, she spent many minutes counting the steps to the X where she had to dig. He put Aguirre ahead of his team, made changes to change the trend, and warned in an action that ended up in the post.

La Real tried to counterattack, but Mallorca was quick to prevent it. The people from San Sebastian thickened quite a bit, and stopped reaching the rival area except in intermittent actions. But they did not lose control, because what they could not achieve through their football they did due to the attacking inexperience of the islanders, who without Muriqi on the field, lacked a lighthouse to guide them towards Remiro’s goal, inactive all night and prone to catch a cold with the one that is falling.

Nothing happened despite Mallorca’s final squeeze, which set up several skirmishes in the area, but was left out of the Cup due to a disastrous start. La Real got up early and will be in the quarterfinals.

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