Spanish Super Cup: Ancelotti: “It was a bad game in everything” | Sports

Still with 20 minutes to play, something irritating happened for Real Madrid, already punished with 0-3, but who found themselves chasing a Barcelona rondo. He was cut off by Rüdiger, who moved there to end what his companions seemed to be contemplating, between tired, desperate and surrendered. The set was about to unleash a brawl, when Gavi rushed to catch the ball and Ceballos stopped him putting his hand on his head from behind. There were players who breathed very close, but De Burgos Bengoetxea settled the dispute by chatting with Gavi and Ceballos.

It was the outburst of frustration that the madridistas had been accumulating throughout a match through which they always traveled in tow. It was also the moment that sparked the brief impulse of final rebellion that ended with Benzema’s goal, a goal that was the product of obstinacy. Ter Stegen repelled his first shot, but the Frenchman picked up the rebound and scored.

A trace of pride in a night that left a small collection of catastrophes, beginning with Eduardo Camavinga, the first to be pointed out by Carlo Ancelotti. As in the semifinal against Valencia, he did not return from the locker room after the break. In the final of the Super Cup he did not finish finding either the place or the tone. On Wednesday he was left on the bench with a blow to his right knee. Against Barça he left the game after a desperate fight from Toni Kroos that summed up the erratic first half of the Frenchman, and of almost the entire team. Dembélé was escaping and Camavinga was right, snatching the ball from him, but when he was about to give it to the German to start the attack, he returned it to Barcelona.

It was just the latest mistake on the Camavinga field, which had previously seen how Busquets herded the ball from which the first Barca goal was born on the edge of Courtois’ area. He was imprecise in the passes, and without finishing tying Pedri, his defensive mission of the night.

Carlo Ancelotti points out over and over again the need for his team to adjust the defense, but what he points out is not enough, nor the videos he shows his players because he says that the calendar does not leave time to work on it on the field. They conceded the second goal after a mismatch. Carvajal and Militão left their positions to run to the same spot to clear a ball, but Frenkie de Jong outwitted them both, leaving Gavi and Lewandowski alone with Rüdiger. It was not enough.

The Italian pointed out the problem again: “Avoiding gifts comes first, because we have given away the first two goals. And then play as a team. Improve the condition, ”he said. “The match with Valencia showed something good in the defensive aspect and today we made mistakes again. We have to work on this.”

The technician’s diagnosis did not save anything: “We were not successful at the start. They have searched us twice against and since then the game has changed. We have made individual mistakes…” he said. “The team has not been very intense, it has been unsuccessful. We have had 25 losses in the first half, we have been weak one on one, we have lost many duels, ”he summarized. “It has been a bad game in everything.”

Despite the forcefulness of his analysis, he also left room for hope: “We knew before this game that the team was not at its best,” he explained, insisting on an idea that he had shared in recent days.

He was also convinced that they would reverse the trend: “The team is very hurt, a lot, because Real Madrid usually wins the finals. But we have the resources to improve, to endure. I have no doubt, Madrid is back. About this I have no doubt, ”he said, and left the room.

Controls failed Madrid as well as the organizers of the final. The public, which officially totaled 57,340 spectators, was about to burst the seams of the King Fahd stadium, with hundreds of people occupying the corridors of access stairs and evacuation of the stands. As in the final of the Champions League in Paris and the 2021 Wembley Euro Cup, but without spectators jumping over the fences and controls.

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