Carlos Sainz fractured two vertebrae in his accident at the Dakar Rally | Sports

Carlos Sainz, who had to withdraw from the Dakar Rally after the ninth stage due to a spectacular accident with his Audi, revealed this Monday, after undergoing medical tests, that he has fractured vertebrae T5 and T6. “On my return to Madrid, the pain in my back after what happened in the Dakar Rally has persisted longer than normal. Following the doctors’ recommendation, I have undergone additional tests to be able to accurately assess the extent of the injury, ”explains the two-time world rally champion on his Twitter account.

The Madrid rider adds: “Unfortunately, the results have not brought good news, since I have fractured my T5 and T6 vertebrae. The positive note is that both vertebrae are stable and from today my priority will be to recover as soon as possible”. To finish, the man from Madrid “thanks everyone for the support and affection received in recent days.”

Carlos Sainz overturned his car at kilometer 5 of the ninth special of the Dakar Rally and, although he was determined to continue the race, he was forced to abandon it because he could not repair his vehicle for the tenth stage. Sainz’s car landed nose first behind a dune, flipped over and landed with its wheels up. At first it was reported that both the man from Madrid and his co-pilot, Lucas Cruz, who left by his own foot, were fine. The organizers later specified that the pilot had pain in the chest area.

The Audi RS Q e-tron E2 that the man from Madrid was driving, which they managed to turn around, came out very badly from the maneuver. At first, the triple Dakar champion intended to wait for his assistance to try to resume the race. Later, Sainz, according to the Dakar organization, “gave up continuing in the race” due to his ailment and was evacuated by helicopter to the Riyadh hospital to undergo medical tests. Situation that took a turn again moments later, since the organizers confirmed that the Audi wanted to “give himself a new opportunity” and, with that objective, asked “the medicalized helicopter that was taking him to the hospital to turn around and take him from back to your vehicle.

Sainz returned to the point where his co-driver was waiting for assistance to arrive. Subsequently, the Spaniard took the assistance route to the bivouac with the aim of re-engaging in the Dakar, but once there, the Audi could not be repaired. The man from Madrid, who was already ruled out for the general classification, left the Dakar after winning the first stage. The pilot was the leader for the first two days, before various misfortunes prevented him from fighting for the overall. Back in Madrid, the medical tests he has undergone reveal that he has a double vertebral fracture.

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