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anadolu efes

Real Madrid ends the week of the double date in the Euroleague as the sole leader of the competition after Barcelona, ​​its closest rivals, fell in a great duel against Anadolu Efes at the Palau blaugrana (75-80). Ataman’s team pulled muscle with a victory that puts them in the playoff spots in this regular season, so irregular for the current European champions, capable of losing loudly against Valencia and, two days later, going over one of his main rivals for the title. The final score reflects an equality that did not occur in the game until the final minutes in which Barcelona came close to an epic comeback, but which was left halfway after the entire match drifted.

In a duel between the two teams with the best outside play on the continent, Efes sewed Barcelona to triples while the Catalans failed as in their worst days from the perimeter. 7 out of 26 (26.9% accuracy) for Jasikevicius’s men compared to 14 out of 30 (46.7%) for the defending champions. Laprovittola, with a zero out of five, was the best reflection of the Barca blackout from the outside area. Nor was the intensity at the back what a game of this substance demanded. Barcelona only committed one shooting fault in the first three quarters of the game, allowing the Efes players to go to the basket without opposition or get very comfortable shots. A gift for shooters of the stature of Larkin or Micic, who had a great time and scored 34 points with nine triples between them.

The first minutes were a preview of what was to come. 0-5, 0-7, 0-9… Efes was flying and Barça was not on both sides of the track. Jasikevicius’s head was exploding and he called two timeouts very early to try to get his team to react. But it had no effect. With just 9 points in the first quarter, 28 at the end of the first half, the Catalans dug what seemed like a grave from which they could not get out unless everything drastically changed. And they didn’t do it at the beginning of the second half, in which Ataman’s men achieved their maximum advantage (+17, 43-60) after a stratospheric three-pointer from Micic.

The Barca reaction came in the last 10 minutes in which Higgins put on his hero’s cape again. As against ASVEL just two days ago, the American point guard pulled his team and managed to connect a Mirotic that until now had been tremendously inaccurate. Between the two of them they managed to make the Barca fans dream of a comeback while the team was closing the gap. But Efes knew how to manage the nervousness of its rival, who did decide to make fouls in the last minutes. With 12 seconds to go, Higgins put his team one basket away from a tie (75-78) with a spectacular three-pointer. But Efes kept their cool and clinched victory with two free-kicks scored by Clyburn, avoiding the miracle at the Palau.

Valencia matures and Baskonia stays cold

A Valencia decimated to the core managed to rejoin the Euroleague after signing a perfect week, which began with the victory against Anadolu Efes at La Fonteta, and which culminated yesterday with a new victory in their visit to ASVEL Villeurbanne (79-83). . With nine wins and 10 losses, Alex Mumbrú’s men are one win away from getting into the positions of playoffs after a week in which the coach has only been able to count on nine first-team players due to injuries, having to complete the roster with players from the subsidiary.

Forced to squeeze their short rotation, the taronjas they carried out an uncomfortable match against the bottom team in the Euroleague. ASVEL started out in the dark and those from Mumbrú devastated in the first part with Prepelic, who now has more stripes than ever, as a conductor without having to look so much for the basket. At halftime, Valencia had achieved an income of 15 points (37-52) and the feeling was that a beating was in the offing. But in Europe nothing can be taken for granted. ASVEL returned from the break as a totally different team and in the blink of an eye they overturned the deficit to take the lead (57-56) for the first time since the start of the match. Dubljevic had to multiply to stop the bleeding and everything was decided in a few final minutes of great tension. De Colo had extra time in his hands, but it clouded over on the free throw line and Valencia saved the ballot.

The one that could not avoid a new defeat was Baskonia, which remains in positions of playoffs thanks to their great first round, but after losing to Partizan in Belgrade (83-65), they accumulate three consecutive defeats in the Euroleague. Peñarroya’s men paid for their bad start to the game (29-17 at the end of the first quarter) and failed to lift that slab. Marinkovic led his team (16 points), but was very alone in scoring, the only Baskonia player with double-digit points. Instead, Obradovic’s men had six players with 10 points or more and barely suffered after opening the first gap.

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