Barcelona sues LaLiga for preventing it from expanding its wage bill | Sports

Barcelona has sued LaLiga for preventing it from expanding its salary mass by 15%, as can the 38 clubs that voted in favor of the entry of the CVC Capital Partners fund for the creation of LaLiga Impulso. As confirmed to EFE by sources from the Barça entity, Barça has filed a lawsuit against LaLiga in the commercial court number 7 of the Catalan capital of which the employers’ association of the clubs learned last Monday.

In it, Barça denounces that it cannot compete on equal terms with the other 38 clubs in the League that signed the agreement with CVC in August 2021. The other three that refused to support the project were Real Madrid, Athletic Club and Ibiza. This agreement, through which LaLiga ceded 10.95% of its business to CVC in exchange for 1,994 million euros, allowed the creation of LaLiga Impulso, which contemplates that 70% of the funds received by the clubs each season must be invested in infrastructure . Another 15% must be allocated to cover the financial debt, while the remaining 15% can be used by the clubs to increase the salary limit of their respective sports teams.

Barcelona understands that, in the current situation, it cannot compete with the same rules as the rest of the clubs as far as financial ‘fair play’ conditions are concerned. Since you cannot increase the salary limit of your staff by that percentage and you do not know what budget or line of income could do so, if that were the case. This is what, according to the Catalan entity, has led him to claim in court what he considers a right that LaLiga prevents him from exercising.

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